How To Keep Your Bones Healthy

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There are many things that are not right for your bones. Those things weaken your bone. For strong bones, the amount of calcium in the body is very important. Due to lack of it, many problems like joint pain, osteoporosis etc arise. With age, these problems arise, and even before age, they get constricted. People start taking medicines for its treatment. But do you know that some of the foods you eat also weaken the amount of calcium. We are going to tell about these foods.

* By consuming more than enough soft drinks, the calcium present in the body gradually decreases. This is the reason that those who take more cold drinks, soda, flavored juice etc. their bones become weak.

* Most people like bread, cakes and other bakery foods are very much liked. But do you know that the Tasty Foods in the food hollow bones from inside, causing the person to become a victim of osteoporosis.

* Eating milk, meat, fish and eggs is beneficial for health, but eating them daily causes bones to be damaged. In recent research, it has been found that people who consumed meat, fish, eggs etc. daily, the chances of bone diseases increase by 3-4 times more than normal people.

* Bones are weak even by eating chocolate. The oxalate found in it absorbs calcium and sugar, which is dangerous for bones.

* Tea and coffee contain plenty of caffeine. By consuming both of these, calcium is started in the body due to which the bones and muscles gradually begin to weaken.

10 Ways to Keep your Bones Strong and Healthy

 That moment when you drop a pen bend down for it and can’t get back up without some effort and a cracking sound , sounds familiar if it doesn’t you’re lucky but it happens to a lot of people and you’ve got to take good care of your bones. To avoid this situation in the future fortunately there are things you can try in your 20s and 30s to help keep your bones healthy and flexible through your 60s. Just make sure you know all your existing conditions and medications and consult your doctor before hand before you find out how to take proper care of your bones use this opportunity and read carefully our article.


Make sure you get enough calcium if you were to ask a random person how to protect your bones they most likely mention calcium in their answer. our bones do contain 99.5 percent of the total calcium in our body so to keep osteoporosis at bay the first thing to do is make sure you consume enough of this nutrient. if you’re a lucky person who doesn’t even know what osteoporosis is and how widespread it is here’s a quick answer to both of these questions for you osteoporosis is a health condition that makes your bones fragile and weak. it affects an estimated 75 million people in Europe the USA and Japan that makes it super widespread indeed everyday important and priceless calcium leaves your body through your skin nails hair sweat urine and feces as smart and advanced as it is your body isn’t trained to make calcium on its own. so it needs to get it from food when it doesn’t get enough it starts consuming the calcium in your bones according to the National Osteoporosis foundation the amount of calcium. you need both from food and supplements depends on your gender and age women aged 50 and younger need a thousand milligrams daily ladies aged 51 and older need 1200 milligrams. Daily men age 70 and younger need 1,000 milligrams daily those who are 71 and older need 1200 milligrams daily. The best sources of calcium are sardines a three-ounce serving has 325 milligrams of calcium can salmon this one will give you a hundred and eighty milligrams of calcium with a 3-ounce serving soybeans, tofu, almonds, cheese ,milk ,spinach and orange juice.

Vitamin D

Remember about vitamin D as indicated by the International osteoporosis establishment osteoporosis causes in excess of eight point nine million cracks yearly bringing about an osteoporotic break at regular intervals . In the event that that doesn’t sound too engaging have a go at adding more nutrient D to your eating routine nutrient D is a standout amongst the most vital micronutrients in our bodies it’s additionally called the daylight nutrient as it’s created in your body . When you’re presented to daylight vitamin D is engaged with various procedures including mind work. It’s likewise basic for solid bones and teeth basically on the grounds that it retains calcium regardless of whether you get enough calcium yet insufficient nutrient D you are still in danger of getting osteoporosis and osteomalacia a conditioning of the bones . The National Institute of Health prescribes 15 micrograms every day for the two people from ages 1 to 70 including times of pregnancy and breastfeeding and 20 micrograms for more established individuals. Your best wellsprings of nutrient D are greasy fish like fish and salmon , dairy items grains, meat liver, cheddar and eggs.

Look after Weight

Keep up your typical weight a strict eating routine may enable you to lose several additional pounds yet it is anything but a sound method to manage them. All the more essentially getting thinner particularly amid the early postmenopausal period put your bones in danger of low bone mass and expanded bone misfortune. Then again heftiness is additionally a hazard factor adding to bone cracks and breaks. This was demonstrated by a gathering of researchers working for the American culture for Bone and Mineral Research. The best choice is to keep up your customary load without setting yourself on a weight rollercoaster with unexpected good and bad times . Never go on an accident diet or a low-calorie diet and make an effort not to put on an excess of weight particularly in brief timeframes. Embrace a solid way of life select an all around adjusted eating regimen plan and remain physically dynamic . A few facts never get old you know


Exercise your bones after the age of 30 our bodies begin to lose their bone mass progressively to enable your issues that remains to be worked out solid for whatever length of time that conceivable You have to keep them fit as a fiddle with physical action . Our bones need practice simply like our muscles do the National Institute of joint inflammation and musculoskeletal and skin illnesses prescribes weight-bearing sorts of activity. Weight preparing energetic strolling running and notwithstanding moving. Are you doing any of those normally thumbs up. On the off chance that you do great job counsel your specialist before beginning any program and make sure to tune in to your body.

Quit smoking

Recent studies by a group of scientists at King’s College London Dental Institute show that nicotine has a direct negative impact on bone density . In addition smoking delays skeletal healing by as much as 60% after a fracture or break . If you’re a smoker the first and best thing you can do is try to quit maintaining healthy and strong bones is great motivation to do so isn’t it . If you can’t do it immediately start by reducing the amounts of nicotine you get every day until you feel like quitting for good not only will your bones thank you but your entire body will benefit from it.


Watch your caffeine intake if just like millions of people worldwide . You can’t imagine your morning without a cup of coffee you must know that there is such a thing as too much caffeine especially for your bones . Swedish scientists suggests that caffeine when taken in large amounts is responsible for reduced bone mass and increased fractures because it has a negative effect on calcium absorption. Doctors assure us that it’s safe for the average adult to have up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day that equals four cups of brewed coffee so if you have four or less there’s nothing to worry about if you drink more than that your bones might suffer from it .

Omega-3 fatty Acids

Your bones need omega-3 combined with moderate physical activity omega-3 fatty acids work miracles for your bone. Mineral density they boost the production of bone forming cells called osteoblasts plus polyunsaturated fatty acids can help reduce joint pain from osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis according to the National Institute of Health the average adult male needs 1.6 grams and the average female requires 1.1 grams of omega-3 per day you can get your omega-3 from fatty fish like mackerel seafood walnuts and chia seeds .

Collagen Supplement

Consider taking a collagen supplement did you know that your organic bone mass is 90% collagen as you age in addition to the loss of bone density . The collagen level in your body reduces dramatically which may eventually lead to brittle bones and fractures to get collagen naturally include fish gelatin, citrus fruits, bone broth ,eggs, pumpkin seeds and bell peppers in your diet . Since it’s very hard to get the required amount of collagen from these products you may want to try supplements always follow the directions on how much to take before trying a supplement consult your doctor.

High-protein diet

Consume enough protein numerous studies have shown that protein intake is directly associated with a higher index of bone density.In fact calcium and protein work together to maintain your bone health . Protein is a source of meat on your bones so it’s no surprise that athletes consume it in huge amounts to bulk up but if you’re not on your way to becoming a fitness guru  You might want to have just enough of it . The Harvard Medical School Health blog recommends calculating your ideal amount by multiplying your weight in pounds by 0.36 before going on a high-protein diet consult your doctor because there’s such a thing as too much calcium and it can lead to serious health problems sources of protein include seafood white meat poultry milk cheese eggs and beans .

Limit salt intake

Japanese researchers express that an over the top sodium consumption put your bone wellbeing in danger . The greater part of us get sodium from normal table salt which is awful on the grounds that salt causes lost calcium. It can in the end lead to feeble and weak bones so to counteract osteoporosis attempt to rethink your eating regimen and your sodium admission specifically. The American Heart Association prescribes close to 2300 milligrams for every day and a perfect cutoff of close to 1,500 milligrams for each day.

For most grown-ups reward since you realize how to enable your body to keep your bones more grounded for longer we figured it is helpful to realize that there are a few factors that put you at higher hazard and sadly you can’t take care of them . Sex thinks about demonstrate that ladies matured 50 and more established have a rate of osteoporosis multiple times higher than men of a similar age . We begin to lose bone mass after we turn 30 in spite of the fact that it’s a continuous procedure that requires some investment it’s most likely the best time to at last embrace a sound way of life and understand the significance of ordinary physical action . Family ancestry lamentably if both of your folks has been determined to have osteoporosis it implies you likewise have a hereditary demeanor to get the ailment. On the off chance that miss city as indicated by information from the International osteoporosis establishment Asian and Caucasian ladies are at a higher danger of creating osteoporosis than ladies of other ethnic foundations .

In case you’re in any of these hazard bunches you would be advised to consider your bone wellbeing significantly increasingly important do you concur that it’s never too soon to deal with your bones or do you figure it ought to be a worry for older individuals let us know in the remarks underneath remember to give us a like and snap buy in to remain on the splendid side of life .

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