Ginger health benefits

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People of Asia are well-acquainted with ginger’s health related qualities for centuries. While defeating English medicine, ginger soon removes the problems of headache, headache, nausea, cholera, toothache, bleeding and arthritis, or vomiting, while traveling in a vehicle. Apart from this, this herb, which eliminates the sore throat, also works to cure diseases such as migraine and arthritis.

It is devoid of any side-effects. This person is full of anti-depressant properties and the ability of anti-diarrheal (anti-diarrheal). In addition, enough amounts of antioxidants are found. Like ginger, a powerful ‘power house’ benefits the person in many ways from his medicinal properties. Ginger cultivation is done on sandy land. Ginger is produced in the form of a heavy within the ground. The greens appear green on top of the ground. Like potato and sweet potato, ginger develops in the form of root within the ground. The ginger is made dry and dry. Ginger also has nutritious properties like ginger, but ginger reaches more profits. Ginger is a natural antibiotic, ginger contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and many types of vitamins that are very beneficial in strengthening hair jaws.

Most people use ginger to make different vegetables and tea tasty. But after reading this post, you will not only be able to keep away many diseases through ginger, but you will see ginger as a vegetable essentially kept in your kitchen. Due to the intake of ginger, the digestive tract is accelerated fast after eating everything is eaten. Cough and air disorders are destroyed by ginger consumption. Gastric joint pain and other arthritis have beneficial benefits in ginger juice. By eating ginger’s chutney, the discomfort ends and the hunger becomes more hungry.

Medicinal properties to improve the benefits and benefits of ginger juice: –

Ginger health benefits
Ginger health benefits

Medicinal properties of ginger for stomach disorders:

Cut small pieces of ginger and apply salt on them and eat them before eating it for 15 minutes. You can also add lemon juice to taste if you want to increase it. By eating it, the hunger will look sharp.

At the beginning of the meal, eating a little ginger with 3-4 grams increases appetite. Diet after eating after eating a little bit of ginger diet is good.

Mixing salt in taste with two teaspoons of dry powder, taking half-a-half teaspoon of hot water daily by taking it three times a day, the gas in the stomach stops.

Mix 1 teaspoon ginger juice with salt, black pepper mix, and vomit, and it gets cured.

To get relief from acidity, add boiled nuts and dry coriander in a glass of water and boil it in four to four teaspoons. Fill it with half a water, drink it three times a day and drink it.

Mix 5 grams of ginger with 100 grams of pomegranate juice and take it for a few days in the morning and evening. Acidity is cured.

Some people have difficulty in digesting milk, they drink diarrhea or they start dirt. For its treatment grind fourth teaspoon of dry ginger and drink it in milk. This will help milk easily.

In one spoon of ginger juice add one fourth spoon of black salt, half a cup of hot water and morning and evening after drinking it, the sour-bitter, dakarana comes off.

Adding lemon juice mixed with ginger juice increases appetite.

Cook 100 grams of sugar in one liter juice of ginger. When the mixture becomes thick, add 5 grams of cloves powder and 5 grams of small cardamom powder to it and keep it in a glass vessel. Take a teaspoon of this paste with milk or water in the morning and evening, all the problems of digestion are far away.

Mixing of ginger and onion juice with 5-5 grams of sugar will help to cure it, that is, the disease of the mind is cured.

If you have chest burning, add 250 grams of sugarcane juice and ginger juice and 8-8 grams of juice of pudding leaves.

Apply 2 teaspoons of ginger juice around the navel, soak the juice and soak it on the navel, it will get relief in diarrhea. With this, add one spoonful of ginger juice in half a cup of boiling water, hot and hot, every one hour, the thin diarrhea like water will be sealed.

Ginger for colds, coughs, fever, colds, headaches

Medicinal properties:

In the winter, due to cough due to sore throat, it is very beneficial for the treatment of honey in 7-8 grams of ginger juice. Cough also decreases. Avoid use- do not use sour, curd.

According to doctors, cough caused by asthma also benefits ginger. On high fever, taking 5 grams of honey in 5 grams of ginger juice reduces heat and fever.

Add jaggery to ghee and heat it. When the mixture is mixed together, add 12 grams of dry ginger. This is a dose. It cures colds and coughs by taking an empty stomach daily in the morning.

After being cold, add 1 teaspoon of ginger pieces in 2 cups water and keep one cup of boiling water. Fry it and mix milk and sugar according to the taste, drink hot and warm in the morning. Add one teaspoon ginger juice, half a teaspoon lemon juice in half a cup of hot water and drink water after the nose stops.

Ginger, pepper and black pepper, make a little bit of the powder and cook it in a cup of water and cook it in a cup of water. This filter can be relieved by cold filter.

The voice becomes heavy due to the voice sitting in the winter due to the sore throat, it is very beneficial to take this paste by adding rock salt to ginger juice for its treatment.

Ginger Benefits For Hair:

By mixing two teaspoons of ginger juice with olive oil, massaging on the skin of the head, hair and hair roots are strengthened by removing the problem of dandruff, hair fall and dandruff. Leave it for fifteen to thirty minutes and then wash it with water.

For the second recipe to eliminate the hair from the hair, first you take 2 spoons grated ginger, add 3 spoons olive oil and two drops of lemonMix of Leave it in the roots of hair and leave for half an hour. Use only fresh ginger to take full advantage of the ginger’s medicinal properties.

Medicinal properties of ginger for ear, tooth, throat and joint pain:

By mixing ginger juice with hot water, putting salt and burning it in garlic makes inflammation and throat pain very beneficial.

Benefits of ginger and honey – After having trouble for frequent urination in winter, taking a little honey in 10 grams of ginger juice is very beneficial.

Coconut oil can also be cooked using ginger juice. The warming of ginger juice by pouring it into a drop-drop ear opens the ear and the problem of hearing loud is fixed.

Cook 500 ml of ginger and 250 ml sesame oil on a low flame for a long time. When the juice is finished, filter the oil. Massage this oil has a lot of benefit in rheumatoid arthritis (swelling of the joints).

If there is pain in the tooth due to cold, keeping one piece of ginger in the tooth will get instant relief.

Medicinal properties of ginger for heart (heart):

The amount of manganese present in ginger works to protect the heart, blood vessels.

Drinking a cup of salt a day by adding hot wax (khauth) salt of ginger benefits from it. Drinking in a glass of water in cardiovascular diseases is also beneficial in mixing one spoon of ginger juice.

Mixing 1/2 or 1 gram of cinnamon (a type of spice) in 2-3 grams of dry powder, with the help of milk or water, there is a benefit in cardiovascular (angina), it also cures the digestive system by giving strength to the heart. .

Medicinal properties of ginger in reducing obesity:

Put 10 grams of ginger pieces on the pan and fry them with a little water. After roasting it when the water turns into a steam, then pour a spoonful of ghee on it and wake it. Eat them well before eating it after eating it well. The increased stomach will come in its normal shape.

In hernia disease- Hernia has a benefit of eating ginger in ten gram every day for two months every morning.

2 glasses of water in 5 grams of ginger, and after boiling it, add a little lemon and honey, and drinking hot hot in the morning will reduce obesity.

Medicinal properties of ginger for other diseases:

Mix 5 grams of Ghee in 10 grams of ginger juice and take it daily, it is very beneficial to cut and crepace.

Adding ginger juice to 5 to 10 grams daily in the morning and evening every morning is very beneficial in Ascites disease.

But these precautions kept in the use of ginger

1 .Ginger should not be consumed when there is leprosy, blood-gall, irritation of urine, and heat in the body.

2. Do not give too much ginger to the younger children and do not give the children below two years at all.

3. Do not eat more ginger during pregnancy.

4. With high blood pressure medication Carefully use ginger.

Learn how to extract ginger juice:

There are two ways to extract ginger juice. First, you should squeeze the pumpkin tightly by placing it in the hand or in some clothes.

Put ginger in a forged cotton cloth and chop it. Then tighten the cloth bag and the juice will come out automatically.

Put ginger pieces into a grinder and make a paste and filter it with a sieve. Soak the pieces of ginger in water in the night and its juice gets out easily.Ginger healths benefits are so huge in daily day to day Life.

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