Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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After the long holiday, due to the reversed rhythm of life and overeating, many people will have “vacation syndrome“, in which gastrointestinal discomfort, lack of energy and fatigue are the most common symptoms.

After a long holiday such as the Lunar New Year, because the food will be more abundant than usual, the dishes are also less meaty and less, and the amount of snacks, smoking and drinking is higher than usual, and the so-called “hyperlipidemia” occurs. In addition to symptoms such as loss of appetite, constipation , and diarrhea , patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes may have poor disease control, and the adverse consequences of indulgent drinking diet can be seen.

After retaking the job after the break, the most common discomfort is fatigue burnout, and the lack of concentration and irritability are also common. Many people will have “chronic fatigue syndrome” after the Lunar New Year holiday, which makes people feel that they can’t work hard, fatigue, and may have mild fever , lymph node pain, muscle weakness and pain, irritability, depression and other psychological and physical factors. Discomfort. Many medical reports indicate that people who have experienced long-term holidays or rhythm of life suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, and the immune system in the body will also be abnormal, which will reduce their resistance and thus be vulnerable to disease invasion.

what is chronic fatigue syndrome well this condition also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis is unknown by most doctors and the general public. it is a devastating multi-system disease that causes dysfunction of the neurological immune endocrine and energy metabolism systems. individuals who have CFS experience extreme fatigue that doesn’t improve after long periods of rest stamina for physical and mental health begin to degrade . these activities can make this fatigue worse some symptoms of CFS are fatigue loss of memory or concentration headaches and extreme exhaustion .it is estimated that more than 2 million Americans have CFS and it is seen more frequently in women than in men. the diagnosis is tricky as it is only diagnosed once similar diseases and conditions have been excluded . this can take time and may result in using treatments that are trying to cure something an individual. CFS is actually not diagnosed with also lack of awareness of this disease from both patients and doctors can slow down the diagnosing process.

 let’s look at Hannah she has been diagnosed for two years before she knew she had CFS. she visited multiple doctors who misdiagnosed her with other diseases such as depression and mono additionally. she was often told that her symptoms weren’t real and would eventually go away after she persisted. she was finally diagnosed correctly this diagnosis gave her little relief because she was curious as to how or why she developed this condition at the moment .it is not conclusive as to what causes CFS some cases have shown that there may be a dysfunction of the immune system or the adrenal . A genetic undertone or connection to early childhood CFS sometimes develops after someone has been sick with a viral infection which can result in immunological and neurological dysfunction. In a study by Lou Russo at all it was found that individuals with CFS have a higher number of pro-inflammatory cytokines which result in fatigue flu-like symptoms and an increase in natural killer cells . Additionally more evidence has been shown with defective immune systems as those with CFS have a reduced response of T cells and the presence of Auto antibody. Hanna found that over time she was able to do less and less in the beginning she constantly felt tired and was having difficulty concentrating on small tasks . After a couple years had passed she was using mobility aides to travel around and found herself resting more and more past that most people would find simple such as making dinner would make her so tired that she’d have to rest for hours after this condition is one that progresses differently and everyone in cases that are very severe even a conversation can lead to the invent individual feeling completely exhausted for hours or days .

The New Yorker newspaper stated that people with CFS are more functionally impaired than those with type 2 diabetes multiple sclerosis and congestive heart failure. The rate of unemployment is estimated at between 35 and 60 percent and up to 29 percent of them will at some point be bedridden or housebound . because of their illness which frequently strikes people in their 40s or 50s Hannah wanted to know more about treatment .so she looked online she stumbled upon a research trial published in 2011 by white at all called the pace study that looked at using cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercise therapy as forms of treatment the pace trial concluded . that those who received CBT improved by 59% and those who did graded exercise improved by 61%. Hannah decided she would start to do graded exercise herself but after a while she started to gradually feel worse and lost more of her energy capacity she decided to review the study again and found articles claiming that the study made false . claims those studies found that only 20% of those who use CBT as a form of treatment and 21% of those who used graded exercise improved the pace researchers had changed the definition of recovery from their original in the proposal making . It easier to achieve as well the data collection was based on self reporting which is subject to participant reporting biases. Hannah was shocked at these findings and upset that the exercise she had been doing was actually making her condition work in terms of a specific treatment for CFS. There is currently no cure the focus is on symptom relief for medications as there are many cases with individuals having CFS who also have depression the treatment sometimes involves taking antidepressant medication to help relieve the symptoms of depression. The symptoms of depression if one is experiencing that them can help the individual to cope better with the CFS symptoms as well the individual should look at the daily activities. They do and determine which one if they find most draining and see if there are any alternative methods of doing these activities to minimize the amount of energy they expend on them having such a debilitating condition with no sufficient and even falsely claimed research. It  is extremely difficult for these reasons doctors and scientists must further research on treatments and causes for CFS as well this condition illuminates the importance of research. That is fact-based and supported by real data found from unbiased trials hopefully more awareness will inform individuals still following the pace studies treatments such as graded exercise and CBT and let these individuals know that these treatments are not backed by legitimate research and should not be followed you .

If you don’t want to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome after the holidays, you should keep in mind the following seven principles:

  1. Get up early for 15 minutes every morning, so that you don’t feel too hasty, you can use a more relaxed mood to start a day’s work.
  2. Eat more foods rich in vitamins, magnesium , iron (such as cabbage, tofu, grains, animal liver), and avoid eating foods that are detrimental to your body. Caffeine-containing and processed carbohydrates should be eaten less. Drinking freshly squeezed juice is also a good way to improve your strength.
  3. Take a comprehensive vitamin. If you are upset about missing a meal, eating a diet or eating irregularly, take a multivitamin and mineral supplement every day. Because undernutrition can cause fatigue, the use of appropriate supplements can remedy the lack of nutrition.
  4. Quit smoking. Smoking can prevent oxygen from being transported to various tissues, making you more tired. When you first stop smoking, you can’t immediately recover your body. After all, cigarette nicotine is a stimulant, and smoking cessation may cause temporary fatigue, but it is still quite effective in improving burnout in the long run.
  5. Eat less sweets. Ingestion of polysaccharides will over-activate insulin, make blood sugar change, make people mentally tired, and sit up.
  6. Enjoy the bath. Bathing helps restore physical strength, while the water flowing in the bath emits anions in the air, surrounding your body, and the anions make people feel happier and more energetic.
  7. Taking a nap for a while, not everyone needs it, but older people who sleep unsteadily, and young people who are busy with work and lack of sleep, can help you to respond to your spirits. The nap time is best fixed at the same time every day, and no more than one hour.

Four ways to reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  1. Walk three to five times a week, every 20 to 30 minutes, to make you feel more energetic. Time is best when the morning air is fresh, and should not be exercised within two hours before bedtime.
  2. Learn to relax yourself. Sit on the bed and do deep and slow abdominal breathing, so that the muscles of the limbs, trunk, head, and neck can be relaxed, about ten to ten minutes. But don’t fall asleep, if you are sleepy, sit up and wake up.
  3. Wash your feet with warm water. Soak your feet in warm water for five to ten minutes, and massage your feet and ankles by hand to improve local blood circulation and relieve fatigue.
  4. After going home, I feel exhausted and can come to a hot shower. This can remove the sweat and dirt on the body, make the pores and sweat glands clear, enhance blood circulation, and relieve physical and mental fatigue faster.

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