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Saturday, July 18, 2020

How to Buy Dental Mobile Carts for Non-traditional Settings- 13 Best Tips 2020?

How to Buy Dental Mobile Carts for Non-traditional Setting

How to Buy Dental Mobile Carts for Non-traditional Settings- 13 Best Tips 2020?

Since we learned from our schooling that a traditional dental clinic is a favourite place for the majority of dentists and dental hygienists, there was not much scope in the earlier days for mobile dentistry. Mobile dentistry is considered a non-traditional dental treatment and venturing out in such an environment could be rewarding as well as surprise you with unpredicted challenges. This could usually happen while purchasing heavy equipment like a dental mobile cart. 

You get numerous equipment options for delivering dental services under non-traditional settings. Usually, the type of equipment used for working out non-traditional treatment is of a wide range. To name a few, you have Teledentistry, telehealth connected dental mobile carts; mobile dental carts- ProCart II & III, etc.

Now let us look at the tips to follow while buying self-contained dental mobile units.

#1: Check for the amount of vacuum capacity with the vendor

Ask the vendor about the quantity of vacuum capacity and whether it is an adjustable feature. Verify that the functions of the equipment can be operated simultaneously. Moreover, you should also check if there is a dedicated vacuum pump for every function. This is highly required because these units are designed to be fit the table and movable, but sometimes, can come with few compromises as well.

#2: Ascertain your needs

If you do not want to go for heavy-weight equipment, think of considering smaller capacity and single motor units. But you should remember that these systems allow you to operate only one function at a time i.e. suction, handpiece, or air/water syringe.

#3: Consider wheel size and durability

Dental mobile carts may need to move from one place to another place frequently. Therefore the size of the wheel and its durability are more important while you purchase the equipment. You should check whether the equipment has an inbuilt carrying system, a durable protective carrying case, and sufficient inside padding as well.

#4: Keep your future goals in mind and move ahead

New entrepreneurs should think about the bigger picture of their establishment and further success. You should analyze the necessity of dental needs in areas where previously there was no/restricted dental care. For expanding your business, you should think of upgrading your equipment as per the latest technology and imprint your foot making impossible areas even possible. Fresh entrepreneurs should never underestimate their ability and vision towards achieving goals in their business.

#5: Be precautious and always have an extra storage system

Many of the non-traditional equipment types may not provide storage space or desk usage. Therefore it is always good to choose an additional storage system through which items can be simply retrieved, along with space for placing an instrument tray, ultrasonic unit, or curing light.

#6: Review the convenience of infection control

This is the most crucial one which requires your complete attention as there are several things to be considered before you intend to do an equipment purchase. Check the following parameters are appropriate in your equipment:

  •  Are handpieces separable and have the complete air-pressure to resist the load?

  • Does the design comprise at least a minimum number of rough surfaces and ridges?

  • Is the waste purge line is at least 10 ft. or more long enough?

#7: Check if you can customize the available options

Sometimes, when you require an assistant to work with you, you may require two air/water syringes for effective function. Therefore, check whether you can use a fiber-optic handpiece, availability of external power outlets for additional equipment, an increase of water bottle capacities, and also, if the unit leaves provision for electric or hand-driven handpieces.

#8: Speak to the vendor about ergonomic options available

The unit you buy should have splendid options such as handpieces, air/water syringes, or at least a saddle stool. Before you buy, check if your unit has got any of it. Same time, the unit should be designed with adjustable height and reach; check for this detail with your vendor. Generally, operators find portable dental care very challenging, and letting them handle the equipment with minimum features can make things worse.

#9: Take operating noise levels into consideration

Do you know that hearing damage can occur at 85Db, OSHA & NIOSH states, whereas the acceptable levels are at 90dB & 85dB to have 8 hours of persistent exposure? So it becomes a priority considering the work environment and hearing sensitivity of patients. You should also check at what distance the noise operating level measurements were considered.

#10: Analyse the maintenance needs

Understanding the maintenance requirements for self-contained dental mobile units also plays an important role in buying. Ask whether the unit contains any internally lubricated motor or it behaves oil-free. Preferring oil-free ensures less maintenance to units. Check whether your vendor provides the following:

  • Service agreement for units, to purchase

  • Can long-term maintenance be carried out on-site or in-house?

  • How long the downtime might be required and how often it has to be implemented?

  • For how long the repairs may continue?

But remember if you buy the unit from outside the country, servicing and maintenance become the toughest tasks of your life.

#11: Discuss and compare units’ warranty parameters

Talk to your vendor if an extended warranty for purchase along with a loaner can be available for the unit.

#12: Know about your vendor’s customer service policy

This is very important because when your unit encounters any fault, or if you have any issues in billing or warranty, your vendor's customer support should be able to provide you solutions within the stipulated time. Therefore, check their business operation hours and plan your services accordingly.

#13: Get some references from your vendor

You can ask your vendor to provide You some useful references of customers who work in a similar type of setting and replicating your services. You can also look for online reviews to know how good/bad that equipment is.


Do purchase a dental mobile cart system depending on your need and the practice environment that you have for your business. Carry out intensive research and clarify your doubts before you buy the unit.

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