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Saturday, July 18, 2020

9 Great Benefits of Shilajit for Women- All You Need to Know

Benefits of Shilajit for Women

9 Great Benefits of Shilajit for Women- All You Need to Know

Naturally, women lack the intake of required nutrients and minerals due to which they are easily prone to diseases when compared to men. Here is why Shilajit comes into picture providing multiple health benefits to women. Shilajit contains fulvic acid in abundance and supports in absorbing the essential nutrients and minerals in the form of food they consume. It creates wonders by improving your digestion, reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels, and immunity in your body. Moreover, nowhere you get iron, selenium, calcium and zinc minerals, phospholipids, terpenoids, and vitamins but only from Shilajit.

When offering such numerous benefits, Shilajit does care for women a lot and becomes a cure for many ailments. Let us see how women are benefitted through using Shilajit.

Top benefits of Shilajit when used by women

#1: Balances Menstruation

Shilajit tends to control overly generated reproductive hormones and helps in normalizing the level of hormones in the body. Reproductive hormones such as estrogen and progesterone create and manage your regular menstrual cycle. When this is produced more than the required count, you get issues like PCOD, weight gain, and several other complications. Shilajit helps you balance these hormones and also ensures you get your periods regularly. You even feel relaxed from menstrual cramps and pain as well.

#2: Improves Energy Levels

Women carry more responsibilities and put in so much effort throughout the day at home. Especially, working women have additional responsibilities of stressing at the office and home before and after work as well. This is the reason which makes them feel very tired and lose energy. Shilajit acts as a great supplement for increasing energy levels and keeps them motivated and energetic throughout the day. No one would have come to this stage without hearing the word mitochondria in the cells, while in your schooling. Shilajit improves the function of mitochondria and rejuvenates your body.

#3: Prevents from Certain Types of Cancer

Several studies have stated that Shilajit works well against cancer which generates in the lungs, ovaries, breasts, colon, and liver. Therefore, it has good photoprotective, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-mutagenic properties. With the presence of a vast amount of fulvic and humic acids, it can easily prevent the growth and distribution of cancer cells. Fulvic acid plays a major role in fighting against cancer because it acts as a super antioxidant that stimulates the body's immune system to its extreme.

#4: Prevents Alzheimer’s and other psychological imbalances

The impact of Alzheimer’s disease is more in women than in men. If you look at statistical surveys, 1 out of 6 women more than 60 years of age are affected due to Alzheimer’s. More than breast cancer, women are easily prone to Alzheimer’s. Shilajit protects the brain’s cognitive functions, and the fulvic acid works as a powerful antioxidant that prevents the growth of certain proteins in the brain.

#5: Improves Immunity

Shilajit keeps you away from various types of bacterial and viral infections and boosts your body’s immunity in a great manner. Having a strong immune system is a boon to your body and good for your life as well.

#6: Stimulates Bone Growth

Women when on and after periods, experience estrogen deficiency that leads to reduced calcium absorption and improves bone resorption. This makes your bone-thin, weak, and fragile. Shilajit can show great improvements and effects on your bone health. It consists of a good quantity of calcium and also increases the ability of your body to absorb calcium from the food you take. It can prevent serious conditions like osteoporosis and balances the health of your bones.

#7: Prevents You from Iron Deficiencies

Anemia is a common condition that occurs due to iron deficiency in the blood. If your blood lacks the required RBCs or erythrocytes due to lack of iron, this condition may occur. Though it is a common condition, it endangers your life if not treated properly. Shilajit contains a high amount of iron that can be a great and perfect cure for your iron deficiency.

#8: Maintains Skin Health

Women love to look young because it is the boosting factor for them to lead life balancing with emotional and physical strength. Shilajit helps in keeping your skin tighter, reduces wrinkles, and stimulates regeneration of the skin. With the presence of fulvic acid, it provides the essential nutrients through food and helps in nourishing your skin. It has necessary antioxidants that prevent your skin from aging issues and inhibits damage of cells with free radicals.

#9: Decreases Inflammation

This is the foremost quality of Shilajit that it reduces inflammation formed due to colitis and gastric ulcers. The inflammation symptoms may include soreness, pain, heat, redness which can be defeated by Shilajit.


Shilajit provides a natural cure to several problems that women face, as aforementioned. It does not have any side effects since it is purely herbal. Different statistical reports say that Shilajit has been a great supplement for women to overcome their regular health concerns. You can buy Shilajit online or get it from the physical store if you have a store nearby. If you have any feedback or points to add to this article, you can write it in the comment box. 

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